AOR Statement of Support for “The Truth About Opioids”

Advocates for Opioid Recovery (AOR) applaud the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s most recent efforts to address the ongoing public health emergency caused by opioid epidemic. Today, in partnership with the Truth Initiative and the Ad Council, the Administration unveiled the first set of public awareness ads meant to combat the opioid crisis. AOR was invited by the Truth Initiative to give input into their strategic approach to the opioid crisis. We also participated in a community group roundtable in April to hear about their work and the extensive research they were undertaking.

Statement from Executive Director Anne Woodbury

The ads tell the honest stories of four young adults struggling to overcome their addictions to prescription opioids in an effort to educate the public about how quickly addiction can occur and the extreme lengths some go to maintain their supply. While the ads primarily target the younger generation who are living with the disease of addiction, they are intended to spark a broader, necessary conversation to build awareness of risk, provide resources for evidence-based recovery, and reduce the stigma surrounding addiction.

We firmly believe that prevention and education play an integral role in our fight to save lives. While this is an important first step in the Administration’s public awareness campaign, we encourage the Administration to work towards reducing the stigma around and access to evidence-based, medication-assisted treatment in order to encourage more long-term survivors.

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