AOR Advisors Respond to President Trump’s Joint Session Speech

See the various responses of our AOR Advisors to President Trump’s Joint Session Speech below:

Watch [Van Jones on CNN]

Read [Patrick Kennedy’s response on Facebook]

Watch [Newt Gingrich’s Facebook Live]

Watch [Newt Gingrich on Fox News], reflect on the importance of treatment at minute 4:30.

Listen to [Newt Gingrich on Bill Bennett’s Podcast] reiterate the importance of medication assisted treatment at minute 14:02, or read the relevant transcript below:

AOR Newt Gingrich Coverage with Bill Bennett on the Bill Bennett Show (13:57- 16:36)

Bill Bennett: Do you want to take a minute, if you don’t that’s fine, otherwise I’ll direct the audience, but this fascinating piece I read this morning about you, Van Jones, and Patrick Kennedy. Everyone will be interested to hear what that’s about.

Newt Gingrich: Well we’re working together on the whole issue: How do you help people recovery from opioid addiction. Patrick has been very courageous in his own life. And having both alcohol and drug addiction and being honest about it, sharing it with others. He and I worked a great deal on brain science and Van Jones has a deep, passionate concern – he was very, very close to Prince, and was really shattered by Prince dying of an opioid overdose.

And so our goal: we have new medications that enable you to have them injected. The problem in the past when you had a medication assisted recovery from opioids was that you could sell the medications and therefore there was a huge problem of diversion. Where I was trying to help you get off the drug, you’d take the drugs home and then you’d sell them instead of getting off the drug. But with the newest technologies, we can actually inject you with up to six months of a particular treatment that’s released on a daily basis and that means that there’s no diversion and it is radically more likely to save your life. The biggest difference between alcoholism and opioid addition is that with alcoholism you can backslide. My step-father was a recovering alcoholic and three different times he had to go in to detox, but it didn’t kill him. When you start recovering from opioids your receptors in your brain begin to heal and as they heal they can no longer deal with the volume of opioids that they used to get. So, if you suddenly backslide and you take what you thought was your old dose, it kills you.

And so it’s a very different, much harder problem. And Van, Patrick and I have decided on a bi-partisan basis and I think we are having some impact, that we ought to make this case for governors, for insurance companies, for employers, and for the federal government, that we ought to move. Only 3% of opioid addicts today are getting the right technical treatment based on the best science.

Bill Bennett: We need to talk because I’m in this business too. I’ve been trying to alert the administration about the danger out there and make recommendations. So, let’s talk on this sometime.

Newt Gingrich: We’ll get together, alright?

Newt Gingrich 16:34- Yes – and thank you.

Bill Bennett: Thank you very much.

*Note: Edited for clarity

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