AOR Summary: Clinton and Trump agree on breaking down barriers to recovery medication

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump don’t agree on much. We at AOR are encouraged that they agree on this – combating the opioid epidemic needs swift leadership and government action. They even agree directionally on what should be done.

AOR is pleased to see that both Trump and Clinton agree:

  • Expanding access to evidence-based long term recovery treatment is essential and that includes recovery medications
  • Drug courts play a key role in addiction recovery and they should be expanded
  • Naloxone access should be expanded for first responders to quickly respond to overdoses in the community.

Each candidate has additional opinions about government’s role in combating the opioid epidemic. We encourage everyone to read the candidates’ perspectives. Here are links to some key statements or remarks directly from the candidates.

Hillary Clinton’s addiction issue fact sheet and mental health agenda.

Donald Trump’s speech in New Hampshire on the opioid epidemic

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