Facebook LIVE Q&A for AOR launch

Facebook LIVE Q&A for AOR launch

Two of AOR’s Founding Advisors, Newt Gingrich and Patrick Kennedy, hosted a Facebook LIVE Q&A on Monday, June 27.

Watch to learn more about our work to rewrite the prescription for opioid addiction by increasing access to science-based, proven effective treatment with recovery medications. Watch now

Some of the questions they took from the Facebook audience are below:

This seems like an unlikely partnership, but I hope the alliance is productive. Discuss what brought you both to recognize the need for change? – Fran Jeffery, Arlington, Virginia

Why is there such a strong emphasis on using medication to assist in recovery? – Elizabeth, Marietta, Georgia

How can we get Congress to adequately fund access to Medication Assisted Treatment? States don’t have the resources and funding shouldn’t be a partisan issue. – Judy, Minneapolis, Minnesota

*I want to ask you about effectiveness and safety of new systems compared to traditional drug-based recovery methods? *- Pou Yan

Insurance does not cover some medications, what would you say to insurance companies about the importance of treating addiction with medication? – Patricia

What about the Veterans Administration? What are they doing to combat this epidemic for veterans?– Anne, Virginia Beach, Virginia

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