Opioid Bills in the Senate: Focus on Medicare and OTPs

by Alison Knopf
Addiction Treatment Forum
August 6, 2018


“This is a national crisis, and legislation has bipartisan support,” former Speaker Newt Gingrich told AT Forum last month. “Both ethically and politically, Congress has to pass a bill,” said Mr. Gingrich, who is also an advisor to Advocates for Opioid Recovery (AOR). “I think it will happen this year,” he added, “but it’s important for the community to keep the pressure on.”

“I’m hoping this gets done before the end of the year, even if it’s in a lame duck session,” said [Anne] Woodbury. “The main thing is to keep the pressure on and to keep the community where it needs to be to step up the activation, in terms of the recovery side of the equation,” she said.

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