Advocates for Opioid Recovery’s Survivors Council works to elevate the stories of people who know first-hand that recovery is possible.

The Council is comprised of opioid addiction survivors and co-survivors (eg. family members and caretakers) who are living in recovery. As AOR’s patient advocates, Survivors Council members are helping to break down the stigma of opioid use disorder and shape the future of access to recovery treatment and services by sharing their personal stories, engaging with the media, and participating in AOR grassroots advocacy efforts.

Meet the Survivors Council

Megan Aronson

Jennifer Batson

John S. Dittmann

Megan McAllister

Sara Gefvert, CRS

Garrett Hade

Ryan Hampton

Kathleen Johnson

Katrina King

Zac Talbott

Interested in interviewing a member of the Survivors Council? Email Casey Dillon, AOR Program Director.